Focused on Small Businesses

We do graphic design, websites, and software for small firms that don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves.


Who We Are

We are techies and design people who understand non-tech and non-design businesses. We’ve worked in retail, construction, manufacturing, food service, and more.

We’re the kind of people who ended up fixing copiers, designing fliers, setting up email, updating websites, etc.

We built Tech Handoff on that experience. We try to be the “tech people” that business owners love most — competent, relatable, and affordable.

We know what we’re doing, we will talk to you in plain English (no tech jargon), and we won’t try to sell you on any product or service that you don’t actually need.

What We Do

We help independent businesses gain competitive advantages by giving them the same technical and logistical abilities as major corporations.

In other words: we can give you the same look and feel as a Fortune 500 company, even if you’re a small team. Even if it’s just you.

When customers see a well-designed logo or website, they implicity assume that you’re a major player.

If you can think of something that a big business can do, we can find a way to make it happen without killing your profit margin.

Why It Matters


of consumers use the internet to find local businesses


of people trust well-designed websites more.


of consumers will avoid a business with a bad logo.


We know what we’re doing. We create logos, websites, and software that will make you look like a top-dollar company.


We will talk to you in plain English — no tech jargon.


We won’t try to sell you on any product or service that you don’t actually need.

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